Production Services Israel & Westbank

Since 2006 Tom Pauer Film is serving you as your personal film guide to Israel and the Westbank.

Besides TomPauerProductions engagement as documantary film director and writer, TPPacts as full service production, local producer and location manager. TPP provides all kind of help and support for foreign crews shooting in Israel.                        Tom holds a German as well as an Israeli citizenship. Therefore, she can travel in Palestine/Westbank and Gaza as well as in Israel.

Pope in the Holy Land, Bethlehem                        ARD                                                         Pope in Yad va-Shem,   Draws of a lost Art            BR                                                  Easter relique   east Jerusalen                              Pro7                                                         Tokyo Hotel                                                               HR                                                  Lothar Matthäus                                                      NDR                                                        Right and falsh                                                        NDR                                                 Clown on mount olive                                            WDR                                                      Gods Costoms                                                       CNN                                                      Life of Jesus from Nazareth                                    ZDF

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