Interviews on Demand and Self-Conducted Interviews

TomPauer Productions provides editorial support whilst filming in Israel. – Enjoy a more efficient stay – or save on production budget and let us take care of it here.
TPP offers

  • research: searching and suggesting the right and most interesting interview – partners for your story
  • all-in-one: on demand, we’ll do it all! Interview conducting and shooting. We can shoot and do one or more interviews for you according to your style, wishes and needs
  • we can supply  you with ideas and options, adapting the spirit of your project
  • you are invited to join and watch us online from where-ever you are and therewith save time and travel cost
  • we offer help with story and script development
  • we give support and advice with sensitiv issues, may they be religious, political, historical or cultural
  • enjoy consulting services regarding safety and security matters
  • we guide you how to best aprroach different communities and religious denominations
  • we advise you how to best cope with intercultural differences that you may come across while filming here